Welcome to my vintage soul

I have traveled the world and the seven seas looking for good vintage. It is one of my favorite hobbies. There is so much beauty in history, in wearing something that has survived the ages. Andreja's Vintage does not concentrate on brands but on style and most importantly the human being styled. It's important to release ourselves from the chains of bourgeois morals, perfectionism, purity and over-refinement.

Here are the pieces I have worn and loved and now I am ready to let them go. This means I cannot offer returns. The same way I cannot return to my ex lover, I cannot return to my ex outfit.

If you have any questions please email teamoflove@andrejasvintage.com

Please be patient with our customer service, this store is a labor of love between my mum and me and we don't have any staff because we are not rich like the Kardashians or the Hadids. We are just your average family trying to start an Eco-friendly and human-friendly business. We may have avant-garde tendencies but we are humble.

International and domestic shipping is free if you order above 200 dolleeeeurs.